Cherreem S. Lindsay LLB (Hons) LLM

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About Me

I am a trained mediator and Barrister.

I work as a mediator in Civil, Commercial, Workplace, Employment and Family disputes.

My Qualification, Memberships and Standards

I am an accredited mediator who is professionally qualified by the London School of Mediation and the ADR Group.

I hold membership with College of Mediators and associate membership with the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates. I am also a member of both the Family Mediation and Civil Mediation Council.

My practice adheres to numerous codes and standards, including those set by College of Mediators, Bar Council, Family Mediation Council and the Civil Mediation Council.

Within my Family Mediation practice I receive professional supervision from an experienced Professional Practice Consultant. I am committed to working collaboratively with other professionals from legal, financial and therapeutic backgrounds. I am trained to mediate on all areas that arise on divorce and separation including all aspects of a financial settlement and any issues related to children. I am also trained to see clients in Mediation and Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMS).

As a Mediator, I can assist in helping to diffuse strong feelings that may hinder a settlement being reached. I am a passionate and committed believer in the resolution of disputes in a calm and measured manner. The earlier mediation takes place, the more likely it is to succeed, because the parties are likely to be less entrenched. However, if the dispute has lasted many years it still can be successfully mediated, not only will it empower the parties through creative solutions it offers a faster resolution in comparison to the court process.

In order to accommodate working parties, mediation can be arranged in the evening or at the weekend if this is more convenient.

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